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LOTL is offering the following workshop via ZOOM!
February 2 starting at 7 PM. If you would like to register or have any questions about the workshop, contact Kristen at
Hope you can join us!

How to get ahead without it taking forever
Presenter: Meghan Chomut

We’re going to go over:

The 3 BIG mistakes you are making that are keeping you stuck and overwhelmed
How to use simple, easy systems to take the BIG monster of money + break it down into bite-sized steps
How can you apply this framework to build a solid foundation + get some clarity on what your next right step is

When it comes to your finances, January is a great time to hit reset and realign the train in the right direction.

❌ You can’t get ahead if you don’t know where you’re going
❌ You can’t become wealthy without a mix of increasing savings + decreasing debt
❌ Tracking your spending is painful and feels productive but it’s not working

Finances. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, you need a system.

I’ve got 4 kids, a busy life + if you’re anything like me, whatever system or plan we follow it has to be smooth, easy and be able to have us all on the same page.
Meghan Chomut is a Certified Financial Planner and Investment Property Advisor. She is THE go-to for families who have (or want to have) an income property. Helping create an easy-to-follow roadmap for your family so that you can spend without guilt, build wealth, AND make traction on your debt.

Her soul mission is for families to get ahead financially and worry less about their money. That is all she does. Everything stems from that.

If you aren’t sure if you are doing the right things, feel ready to get ahead and make progress without depriving yourself, Meghan can help.