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Making a Difference:

This Workshop was cancelled in February due to weather issues. It is a local workshop provided by the ETFO Provincial Office, Professional Learning.

Making a Difference:
Fostering Positive Behaviour in Elementary Schools

Tuesday, May 21, 2019
4:15 – 6:30 p.m.
LETO Office, A-1186 Russell St. (new location)
Presenter: Lotje Hives
Register by contacting Kristen Anderson by Thursday, May, 16. Please advise of any dietary restrictions.

Participating educators will engage in an interactive professional conversation exploring practical strategies to apply to their own learning environments. We’ll think, “How are we creating a positive learning environment for all to feel safe, to belong, and to feel heard?”
In this workshop together we will explore:

Understanding the Why: How does a focus on the why influence positive behaviour?
Starting with Equity: How does understanding social identity influence the way we teach and learn?
The Art of Building Relationships: How do we build relationships that impact positive behaviour
Communication to Support Positive Behaviour: How does communication support positive behaviour
Establishing a Positive Learning Environment: What conditions contribute to a positive learning environment
Filling Your Toolkit: Strategies with Intentionality: What will you choose to focus on going forward
Planning Forward: What will your next best step be?

By engaging in this Professional Learning Session, participants will:

Develop an understanding of the impact of teaching and learning from an equity stance on:
Teacher-student relationships
Establishing a positive learning environment
Increase the effectiveness of responses to student behaviour by implementing proactive and reactive strategies into classroom practice from their assembled toolkit of strategies