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More About Training

Dear Member;

I have received a number of inquiries about participation in the training on Friday, September 4th.

It is the Board preference that staff attend on Friday as there will be a live Q&A section where answers will be provided during the training. If staff are not available to attend on Friday, they will be paid once the online modules (available through the Safe Schools training app) are completed. These modules are not available yet. Members on a leave will not participate in the training until they return from their leave.

I am still working on further paid training. If successful, I’m not sure when that would happen. When the training offered Friday morning (or from the modules) has been completed, members will be able to accept assignments in the schools.

Support documents are also being prepared for casual staff. I have sent an extensive list of questions to provide information I believe OTs should have before accepting assignments. This resource should be available before the end of the week. Each school will also have a resource package with information specific to that school.

I hope this information will address concerns you have at this time. Any other information that I receive will be shared with members.